Retail Price= $170 USD (Pls contact with us for wholesale price)
Fabric: E207 PAX BLACK 200 GSM
Front Bib Brace: T1270 4.7 CM POWER BAND
Custom/OEM/Private label service is available.

Constructed from compressive textiles with 4-way stretchy, our PAX Bibs are fitted to match your optimal riding position without restricting mobility. It is made from a highly compressive and durable fabric, these fully-dyed panels deliver an outstanding visual aesthetic, enhanced by a subtle tone-in-tone finish with our proprietary detailed textile definitions.
PAX fabric is also available with white for sublimation and pre-dyed olive color:

The front mesh power band brace is lightweight and breathable with high stretchability for comfort in and out of the riding position. This front brace band is a new mesh construction creating a lightweight and durable finish at the back with little vertical stretch to keep the short and chamois in place.

P169 EIT COMBI MEN chamois is the off road Product of Excellence for extra-long distance rides, representing the latest in terms of chamois technology.
In addition to the characteristics valued in an off road product, like the special ultra-high density ischiatic inserts for instance, the COMBI has an innovative structure featuring a multidirectional curvature that delivers prefect fit and greater stability in saddle.
The central channel improves blood flow and reduces numbness during long distance rides.


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